What is Geosocial Networking?

21st century is being regarded by one and all as the era of technology and rightly so because there is hardly a sphere or aspect of life that has remained untouched by its development. Geography is no exception to this rule and some of the techniques that have recently emerged owing to application of technology [...]

What are Geotagged Photographs?

When a photo has been geotagged it simply means that its geographical location has been added. The image will need to have longitude and latitude assigned to it while other details like compass bearing, elevation and other fields may or may not be mentioned. From the theoretical perspective, there is not a single aspect of [...]

GIS developments

GeoBios Right now the situation in the GIS market is such that the technology is easily available, meaning it is being put to wider use, and this has caused a significant lowering of its cost. Almost every discipline from real estate and defense to public health, sustained development and archeology have benefitted from GIS Technology. [...]

Geostatistics and Geocoding

The branch of statistics that handles field and spatial data showing contiguous index is referred to as geostatistics and its aim is to provide ways that would facilitate spatial correlation modeling as also prediction of values at arbitrarily chosen points. Occurrence of any phenomenon calls for its analysis in such a way that the findings [...]

GIS Techniques and Technology

GIS technology is designed to accept information only when it is in digital form which is why it is imperative to convert all data into a digital format in order to render it suitable for being used. The method which facilitates transformation of data into digital form is known as digitalization and can be accomplished [...]

What is Reverse Geocoding?

Reverse geocoding refers to the method of reverse or back codifying of a point (such as latitude and longitude) location to an address that is readable or to the name of a place. This process permits one to identify the nearby places, street addresses or sub divisional areas like state, county, country, or neighbourhoods. Reverse [...]